Citizen Journalism – What is it?

Citizen journalism is a term that has only come to light within the past decade and could not exist today without the everyday person.

It is a term that has developed as time has gone by from somebody that required skill and a knowledge of technology to anybody being able to become a citizen journalist.

It is difficult to accurately define the term ‘citizen journalism’ but it has been stated that it:

“can be very broadly defined as non-journalists doing the things that only journalists used to do: witnessing, reporting, capturing, disseminating”

(Kelly, John (2009) Red kayaks and hidden gold: the rise, challenge and value of citizen journalism, Reuters Institute, p.1).

The change in the citizen journalist with the addition of new media needs to be analysed as it has developed over time, in order to fully understand that the nature of the citizen journalist has indeed changed. The term ‘citizen journalist’ needs to be accurately defined and analysed as well as looking at the advantages and disadvantages and the implications that it has on the media.