Where Did Citizen Journalism Come From?

A big question that arises is where did citizen journalism stem from?

It had to be created somewhere and many believe it to have risen from the tragic event of 9/11 and the evolution of the digital age that we now live in.

With the speed of the internet and newer technologies developing every day, the everyday person has the ability to capture the news and report it.

Suddenly it seems that the professional journalists lack the ability to report the news as efficiently as this new breed of competition, possibly due to an older generation still within news organisations.

Reporters are unable to act quickly enough to accurately and extensively cover an event and this has created a debate about the worth of citizen journalists and whether they are a positive or negative affect on journalism.

I believe that there are many events that compare how we see citizen journalism and show how it has developed that need to be analysed to really grasp how it has changed within the past decade in particular.


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