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The Nature Of The Citizen Journalist Has Changed

I am going to research into how the nature of citizen journalists has changed and now anybody with a phone can be a journalist.

I believe citizen journalism has developed over time and I am going to look into how the nature of citizen journalists has changed and how the citizen journalist is no longer skilled and technically knowledgeable compared to somebody with the ability to just use their mobile phone.

This has led to a number of research questions which stem from the hypothesis such as:

  • When did the phrase citizen journalism become common? – They are a product of the digital age and the term had to start somewhere.
  • What were people producing in 2001 that was called citizen journalism? – Before we used social media what kind of data was being produced and used by news organisations and people claiming to be citizen journalists.
  • How does citizen journalism compare now in huge events e.g. Hurricane Sandy compared to ones of the past e.g. 9/11? – There has been a development over time of the term citizen journalist which needs to be analysed to see how time has taken its toll.
  • How do other factors such as price of technology affect the citizen journalist? – A smaller factor but one that has an effect compared to the power and money of news organisations.
  • What is a citizen journalist? – There are many different definitions and it is a hard term to fully define.
  • What are the pros and cons of citizen journalism? – There are two sides to the term which need to be analysed to discover if citizen journalism is to be considered an advantage or disadvantage in modern days news reporting.