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How Can We Tell The Nature Of The Citizen Journalist Has Changed? – Methodology

To research into the change of citizen journalism I have carried out interviews with experts from both sides of the arguments so that I have the views and opinions of professional journalists as well as the views of citizen journalist groups to gain a multifaceted view of the issue.

As well as this I have conducted an analysis of five news events over the past decade as a form of case studies, and will be looking at the way citizen journalism was alive at the time and how it was used by the professionals and the citizen journalists. I will then be comparing and assessing how this form of journalism has developed as the years have gone by, developing from something that required a professional and knowledge to your everyday citizen being more newsworthy.

The case studies I will be looking at are as follows:

  • (2001) 9/11 terrorist attacks
  • (2005) London bombings
  • (2010) Student protests
  • (2011) London riots
  • (2012) Hurricane Sandy