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How the web changed the economics of news – in all media (Paul Bradshaw)

Looking at Paul Bradshaw’s blog on ‘How the web changed the economics of news – in all media’, it says how the economics of news has developed. In this blog he lists 12 points which outline some of the changes in how the media us being used, such as the devaluation of journalism and issues such as the funding of a constant media.

In point one it is indicated that the majority of the public will sweep over the news for a general overview which Bradshaw describes as ‘sporadic grazing’, however whilst this might be true for some there is still a large number of the population who religiously read their favourite newspaper everyday.

Point four it indicates that new technologies are reducing the cost of newsgathering and production to virtually nil but when you consider that newsgathering is the major cost for an organisation this cannot be true as people will want to pay to read quality journalism brought about by newsgathering and production costs.

Point six talks about the devaluation of certain types of journalism stating most people would go to social media for reviews or sites like amazon, itunes etc. However this is not true as people will go to a professional opinion before paying for something they want to see, they go to forums to discuss their opinions later for more detail. This points out that journalists must keep up to date with new technological advances (point 10) to keep ahead of the new monopolies journalists face from media advances.